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What Is Flash Fiction?
What is Lune Fiction?


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Michael Robertson


Flash Fiction is very, very short stories. As a flash is a brief & concentrated beam of light, so flash fiction is small & intense samples of literature that focus your mind on a given topic. Flash Fiction relies heavily on implication and a suggested plot with narrative, characters, setting, conflict, climax and resolution.
However it is not an homogeneous art form. A flash story can also be a scene, the literary equivalent of a photograph, or the literary correspondent of a poem (obviously not an epic one like The Iliad).
Other names for flash fiction are micro prose, mini sagas, ultra short stories, minimalist literature, blitz stories, nano prose... you get the general idea.
But where does flash fiction stop? Where does 'normal' fiction (ie short stories) start? When is minimalist literature too long? The definition of the length of a blitz story is arbitrary (100 words? 500? 1001?) and it is best left to the individual reader to decide where the boundaries lie. Otherwise one could argue till WMDs have been found in Iraq...
Minute novellas. That's another name we've come across.
Anyway, if you want to find out more about flash fiction, then read Lune Fiction.

The LF Team

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