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Michael Robertson



Yes, this is it, Lune Fictionís website. My name is Humble Sam and I am the executive editor of the mag.
Lune Fiction represents the finest in flash fiction, gaudy literature & blitz stories. Indeed, the mag's main purpose is to further the cause of flash fiction, as the manacles of excess within conventional literature must be destroyed: Minimalists of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains of semantic overload!
Each issue is a collection of blitz stories written by people who are from Lancaster (or not). The mag is nine to fourteen pages long, just enough to keep your brain highly entertained but not overloaded, and a new issue appears whenever there is enough decent material.
Sometimes there are special issues and sometimes there is 'Tales From The Loyne' which highlights the gifts of one particular writer.
LF, as we call it in the Biz, is produced on a futuristic type-writer/ television hybrid machine, based on the findings of Alan Turing and his involvement with calculating devices during WW II.
Finally, I would like to point out that we work bunny-stupid on Lune Fiction, so appreciate the issues!
I touch you.

Humble Sam

What is Humble Sam today? Today Humble Sam is... who cares?

My solicitors Gog & Magog would like to point out that all copyright © belongs to the contributors and me, Humble Sam. In plain English this means that the copyright of the individual pieces in the magazines belongs to the authors but everything else belongs to Lune Fiction. Opinions and ideas expressed here are those of the contributors and editor but not the publisher.
I, Humble Sam, would like to thank Han.